Ideas for decorating the living room to save space

A few tricks

The living room is often the first room visitors see when entering the front door. This room determines how guests will accept your home. Also the living room is a place for entertainment and recreation and its design should reflect this.

The biggest problem with housing today is that space is never enough. Fortunately, there are some tricks that can make the room look bigger without having to spend a lot of money or time.

Here’s what you should pay attention to when decorating the living room:

  1. Focus on the floor

The floor occupies many square meters and is actually the largest living space in the living room. Do not put contrasting flooring in different rooms because it visually diminishes space. Select parquet or carpets for the entire apartment, including the living room. Also choose furniture with feet.

2.Take advantage of the walls

The place where the walls and floor are collected determines the size of the room both physically and visually. You can not change the location of the walls, but you can extend the room through designer tricks. Put high cabinets or libraries and hang curtains that start from the ceiling. So the room will look bigger.

  1. Move your furniture permanently

Continuous movement is a sign of great space. Arrange your furniture so that it can move easily. You also have to arrange the furniture in a way that allows you to pass peacefully through the room. I will give you one advice. If you use the services of a cleaning company you can take advantage and ask them to move your furniture. This services typically is included in the cleaning of your house. For sure, the employers in End of tenancy cleaning Westminster company will help you with the moving.

  1. Make a focal point

There must be an emphasis that distracts people from the size of the room. This can be anything – from furniture to painting. The idea is to add a contrasting accessory – something that differs from the other elements in the room.

  1. Use mirrors to reflect the light

Mirrors push the walls and reflect the light, making the space look bigger. Use them in front of the most attractive interior, such as flowers or curtains or windows, to reflect beauty. Avoid using a mirror wall that may look too retro and change aesthetics. Instead, place a large frame mirror leaning on the floor or group a couple of smaller mirrors on the wall.

6.Large number of lighting fixtures

Lighting in a room should be abundant. Bind multiple lights and direct the light up.

7.Painting picture as a decor

There is a room for paintings in each room. If you put a big picture on the wall you can create a sense of space and in the small room.

8.High Doors

The high doors create an illusion for a higher ceiling and hence more space.

  1. Choose the right curtains

If you choose curtains in the same as the walls color you will give a feeling of volume to the room. Avoid heavy and thick curtains.